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Posted by Chris Russell
Thursday 21 May 2009 - 15:18:12

This week, some suggested that I dig something up from the older threads. So, I present to you, Dr. Spark's Small Bi-polar SSTC, a project from November of 2006. Dr. Spark's meticulous construction and careful attention to detail here does not disappoint. Please feel free to stop by the thread and let Dr. Spark know what you think. I believe some of you have now witnessed this coil operating in person.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for a project that you think deserves some recognition, please let me know. There are some really great current projects on the projects board, as well as quite a few on the following pages that have probably been overlooked.

Dr. Spark wrote ...

Good day great coilers,

I am now madly in love with solid state Bi_Polar coils. How little power they take and how fast they can respond is incredible ! Demo Lady Red for DC Cox this weekend and he was grinning big time.

I have 1.2 months left before the W.W.T. so thought I could squeeze one more project in for demo at the Thon. A small SSTC Bi-Polar with a surprise feature. So pics tonight are the starting project, coil will be all plexy with UV LED’s. Will update with pics but this will be the fastest built coil I have done in many, many years….. Have a goal to meet, so off the computer and back in the garage…



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