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Posted by Chris Russell
Friday 17 March 2006 - 01:12:41

Congrats to JimG on a project well done!

JimG wrote ...

Last October I was in a local surplus electronic parts store when I ran across a 1.375" x 3.5" 250V computer grade capacitor. Having just built two DRSSTCs I figured it might be cool to build a DRSSTC centered around this small capacitor. I then decided I would challenge myself with a few constraints.

1. The secondary shouldn't be any bigger than the capacitor.
2. The whole circuit should be kept small using SMT parts.
3. It should run off of a single power supply using a wall wart.
4. The interrupter should be on-board and easily updated.
5. It had to produce streamers, not just corona.
6. I wanted it to be a full bridge if possible.

See the full thread here...

This project is the first to be featured on the front page. If you'd like your project thread to be considered for a featured project, please make sure that your thread is in agreement with the project board rules, and contact me via PM.

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