News Item: Strain rate sensitive materials
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Posted by Ben
Tuesday 21 February 2006 - 08:13:17

Your first introduction to such things was probably silly putty.

My first recollection was making something similar from a recipe in this book:

McGrath, Susan. Fun With Physics. Washington, DC: The National Geographic Society, 1986.

Good luck if you can find that book. It probably contributed much to my current inclinations in life... The silly putty alternative involved baking soda and vinegar ,I think. I do remember my mom hated making it. It was like pancake batter under no pressure, but like a rock if you tried to force it to do anything. The explantion the book gave was that the long polymer chains formed flowed across each other easily if not under pressure, but resisted moving if under pressure

In more recent news US and Canadian skiers have new clothes. After looking for more information about this I found this page too.

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