News Item: Site Restored from Backup
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Posted by Chris Russell
Thursday 24 June 2010 - 19:47:49 was restored from a backup early this morning, due to the catastrophic failure of the server's primary hard drive. All data on the drive was lost. Unfortunately, as Murphy's Laws would seem to dictate, the hard drive failed while the backup was at its greatest possible age. This means the site has effectively reverted one week into the past.

I know this is frustrating for everyone. To ensure it cannot happen again, I've purchased an off-site nightly backup solution for The expense is unfortunate, but I want to make sure this is the last time that something like this can happen.

If you've made any posts, created any threads, or sent any PMs over the last week, please feel free to recreate them.

If you stopped by Finn's Project Thread for Thumper, or even if you haven't, please drop by and let him know what you think of his project. He had collected a lot of nice praise and interest over the last week, and he's really earned it.

Finally, as an incentive to get things going again, I'd like to announce a small contest. Anyone who makes an interesting, thought-provoking, or high quality post over the next week will be entered into a drawing to win a t-shirt. The new shirt will incorporate elements of the upcoming site re-design, so the winner gets a first sneak-peek at more of the new site.

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