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Another Coilgun

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Author Post
Wed Dec 14 2016, 01:53PM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 488
Its about 1kg of plastic equal to 50€ worth of filament.
Yes i am using copper for the prototype because aluminium is extremely expensive because it would be custom made with minimum 10kg per wire diameter which is quite a lot of wire considering its aluminium. For the prototype its not an issue. It will be uncomfortable heavy but it will work.
Square aluminium is also only available with >=0.5mm "diameter". My first coils would need 0.25mm so this prototype now also explores how i can adjust to thicker wire through PWM switching in the first few stages and what it does to the projectile and efficiency.

The prototype in the beginning exploded at stage 16 due to mechanical failure of a diode in the half bridge. Look at the beginning of the thread for photos of exploded parts, It was the end of the big prototype. Since then i did never shoot again.

Building the Coil-Winder now adds a bit delay to the project but being able to wind the coils is important and it also has the benefit that i am developing software for the microcontroller architecture that i am going to use in the end.

Meanwhile i have implemented the stepper motor drive and acceleration profiles and i am confident that this coil winding machine can do up to 3 turns per second. Its quite fast compared to hand winding however its quite slow considering its a machine.
The problem is the stepper motors loosing torque as they become faster. The fact that i added a 5:1 gear is therefore a problem, however i need it to ensure i have sufficient torque. As consequence i would need a way bigger stepper motor for direct drive of the winder, which means more cost and also much more difficulties driving the motor since there is no payable of-the-shelf solution anymore.
Anyway. first experience with a coil winder. prototype. good enough.
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Mon Jan 09 2017, 07:27PM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 488
First very primitive test inductor.

Its just a single layer of 0.2mm wire to see how precise the steppers and the wire tension algorithm handle the job.
Its denser than hand wound for sure. Not by much however.
Wound with 2 turns per second. 90% of the turn is completed until the horizontal correction is done. i will have to learn about the different behaviors. i guess with such fine wire this is ok, with thicker wire maybe not. But its in no way a limitation of the machine, its just the way i programmed it to do the job. i can also go gradually side-wards of course.
The start and the end of the inductor is not messed up. i programmed it that way to start and finish with a few turns of larger wire distance.
Now i need a desktop program to make more complex movements.
The white between some turns is not bad wire distance.. its resin that comes through.. light does the rest. (i wanted to do a finished coil just for fun.. therefore i glued it in place directly - taunting few minutes. )
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