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Another slayer.

Author Post
Mon Jan 09 2017, 07:35PM Print View
Registered Member #61395
Joined: Wed Dec 28 2016, 03:44PM
Posts: 2
Greetings everyone! It is my first post and I am from Latvia. It is my fifth tesla coil. I made it from some parts from previous coils and another “garbage”.
Secondary: 30 x 7,5 cm ( ~11 x 3 inch), with 0,27 mm wire;
Ballast: MOT primary;
IRFP 460, protected from source to drain by 13 1,5KE33CA in series;
Interrupter – Power supply controlled by triac and MOC3063M, duty cycle – 10 - 100 %.
Streamers about 25 – 30 cm. It’s possible to make them bigger, but transils and mosfet will become very hot.

Some sparks:

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Mon Jan 09 2017, 10:51PM
Registered Member #2899
Joined: Wed Jun 02 2010, 06:31PM
Location: Deinze, Belgium
Posts: 230
I love Slayers, good work!
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Mads Barnkob
Tue Jan 10 2017, 07:26AM
Joined: Tue Mar 18 2008, 06:05PM
Location: Denmark, Odense C
Posts: 1919
Great results, I guess it is never too late to build something simple, I should give the slayer a go soon :)
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Mon Jan 16 2017, 11:51AM
Registered Member #952
Joined: Mon Aug 13 2007, 11:07AM
Location: Finland
Posts: 388
Great work. The mechanical construction is also beautiful. What kind of a power supply are you using?
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Wed Jan 18 2017, 08:31AM
Registered Member #61395
Joined: Wed Dec 28 2016, 03:44PM
Posts: 2
Power supply is half-wave rectifier (mur1560), connected to 220 V AC.
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Fri Feb 17 2017, 07:37PM
Registered Member #96
Joined: Thu Feb 09 2006, 05:37PM
Location: Republic of Guernsey
Posts: 3803
Same here.
Made a test coil from a cardboard former, didn't expect it to work but it seems stable and locks on to the MSF signal somehow.
Was an excellent demonstration of how not to build an MSF receiver because it also picked up LED lighting and someone's NFC that they had turned on by mistake.

Tuned using Peak Atlas LCR, although the coil did drift a fraction of a percent when dried out after Superglue encapsulating this is swamped by the heat induced resistance changes from all that copper (1600+ turns salvaged clock wire)

EDIT: Latvia? are there any other HV enthusiasts/coilers there?

I once spoke to a guy from the Ukraine about one of my projects, apparently they might know Kreosan!
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