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Giant SCR Gate Connector--where to get them?

Author Post
Fri Jan 15 2016, 01:47AM Print View
Registered Member #54278
Joined: Sat Jan 17 2015, 04:42AM
Location: Amite, La.
Posts: 285
I am using giant puck style SCR's (>50,000A peak) in a B-field generator. The problem is that I have none of those female gate connectors that plug on the tiny gate post protruding from the puck--I have looked all over with no luck. Does anyone here know where to find them? Preferby quality connectors for >50kA pulse switching 5lb monsters!
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 03:49AM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 533
Signification, you really go the talent to neglect the most important information in your opening posts....
To make absolutely 100% sure everybody is talking about the same thing, PLEEASE at least give us the SCR-module number and a photo of how those male connectors of the SCR are actually looking.
My SCR pucks here have allrady 2 different connector widths... so.. yeah.. and they are female btw. you see the point?

So my best guess is in your case here: solder them if you want a relieable conncetion. Could you say anything more given your information? Be honest.
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 03:52AM
Registered Member #46164
Joined: Wed May 07 2014, 08:16AM
Location: California, USA
Posts: 72

Something like that I imagine?
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 03:55AM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 533
Those are female. Most likely close to what he wants obviously. But as you know... females come in many shapes and sizes These are the connectors that are on my SCRs... i guess he has a puck without any cable? What worries me is that this type of connector does not really come in different quality standards. However there are some with a retention bluge on them.. they require a hole at the male part to clip in. how can we know.
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 05:38AM
Registered Member #54278
Joined: Sat Jan 17 2015, 04:42AM
Location: Amite, La.
Posts: 285
Justin wrote ...

Something like that I imagine?

No, The other one--looks like a little pin sticking out close to the cathode side on the giant 4lb / 5" diameter pucks. It's the gate terminal. It is the single connector of the white wire in this PIC This particular SCR is much smaller, but the connector appears to be identical in size.

It just occurred to me--this may be just a solder-on for most types, even though I have seen the press-on wired connectors.
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 07:57AM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 533
This is borderline trolling behavior.
Your link shows fucking ZERO information. As your initial post. btw,

Board Rules:
E. Make sure each post has a point. Unless you're in the chatting board, there's no need for a one-liner post that doesn't have any real content. Save the one-liners and offhanded comments for private messages.
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 02:02PM
Registered Member #11591
Joined: Wed Mar 20 2013, 08:20PM
Location: UK
Posts: 428
That screenshot might be what you get on German google, but I seem to have got what Signification intended, a picture of a hockey puck thyristor and it's terminals. The one in this link:
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 02:42PM
Registered Member #54278
Joined: Sat Jan 17 2015, 04:42AM
Location: Amite, La.
Posts: 285
@ hen918
Yes, That is the PIC I sent and got back when I looked at the preview--did you get something different? Sorry?

I see people use this type big SCR a lot. I have many, but none have that connector to the gate. I DID look many places before. Trolling????

OK, I WISH I COULD JUST DELETE THE THREAD NOW!! There are ladies working here too!
You are way to rude, vulgar, and, worst of all, a constant irritant that seems to follow me around. NO ONE else here acts this way!!!
I could quote a couple of rules too!

Look back at the proper way you were at your first posts--where did that guy go? now you are king??
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 06:05PM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 533
Thx hen at least one person here who is able to link the actual picture and wants to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing The king is pleased. ROFL
NO ONE else here acts this way!!!
I gave you your solution "soldering might help" in the first post. Sorry for that, i understand thats irritating. Much more than the fact that you have a serious lag of understanding which information otherns need to communicate with you properly. Its a recurring phenomenon that seems to follow you arround I mean.. its ok to call me rude. Happens. How nice is it on your side that Justin above searched for you for stuff thats not relevant for you? I mean he spent time for you, tried to do a good thing and never had the chance. I did too btw. And hen did your work too. You hadnt the fundamental intention to make any effort woth while. "NO ONE else here acts this way!!!"

I really intent to help you here. I hope you realize that we dont care if its a B-field generator, or what specs in kA the SCR has. I dont care that you looked "all over with no luck", when i dont know what you actually looked for and where.. some connector obiously.. some distributors obviously. I dont even know if you just had no luck finding anything or you actually dont know what to look for (it happens that one has no search key word - connectors suck this way there are too many)
I mean.. when you did your search what did you need to do it? I guess you had the SCR partnumber, its datasheet and you looked at the thing, right? Do you really feel honestly by withholding the information anyone could help efficiently?

Just look at your last thread: "Small HeNe brick as capacitor charger"
After requesting more information you pointed generally at http://repairfaq.cis.upenn.edu/sam/laserssc.htm. I went there and picked basically the most reasonable thing for me. You like: "well thanks, its not what i refered to on this page". Me like: "well thanks, then just tell me what the hell you refer to from the beginning". The cool thing is: you could only say that i am refering to the wrong thing because i actually told you directly what I was refering to... i linked the direct PDF (why couldnt you?)... Call me rude or king or whatever.. but what you do is not nice either. And its systematic behavior. Deal with the response.

It just occurred to me--this may be just a solder-on for most types, even though I have seen the press-on wired connectors.
I think the intention is to use a connector actually. Those SCRs arent made to be soldered.. the are only clamped and the manufacurer does not want you to need to solder while mounting them. If you solder, try the lowest temperature possible. I dont know how those pins are sealed and if the seal becomes damaged by heat. Also make sure the wire does not break at the solder joint (concerning your high quality request). Maybe just double heat shrink..
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 07:45PM
Registered Member #54278
Joined: Sat Jan 17 2015, 04:42AM
Location: Amite, La.
Posts: 285
I appreciate the information that Justin and hen918 gave me. AND I appreciate that which -you- gave me above in your LAST PARAGRAPH ONLY! It really helped-thanks.

But why do you have to put up such a nasty fuss? Please don't say for "Mt. Stupid" or whatever...
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 09:32PM
Registered Member #2906
Joined: Sun Jun 06 2010, 02:20AM
Location: Dresden, Germany
Posts: 533
But why do you have to put up such a nasty fuss?
Because you put not enough effort in your content. And i dont mean "you only have stupid questions" that would be ok for me actually. No, you deliberately do not think about what others need to make a thread a success or at least productive. Plain lazyness obviously. I am not the police here, but i do have the right to get frustrated by this.
Everyone who wants to answer in such a thread puts time and effort into it - by reading about a problem someone else has and thinking about it and maybe doing own research. I do not see how you respect this. You just point at some general information location and like mentioned above and you expect people to make research about what on the site is actually relevant - its nice that YOU all read it, but others might not need to read it to help you. but you make them waste time by beeing unspecific.. Its specialy furstrating when one comes to a wrong conclusion whats actually relevant. If you have a wife just imaginge you are ordered "to buy something". When coming back, you get complains about "its the wrong thing". How often would you play this game until you get pissed off? You would, at some point, just ask out front "darling, what do you actually want!?"
Honestly: why is it wrong to point out directly that there is information missing. (Again and again) It might be embarassing for you but not actually bad.
If you just complain about the tone.. then sry, i am as friendly as the question is formulated content-wise. You can keep pointing fingers of course.

I know you want that i just ignore you. Is that really the better solution than making posts that ensure everyone is talking about the same thing without 3 additional questions? Do you really need to rely on naive people to do ypour work? I do not think that you are unable to do better. <- thats the source of my agression and you feed it well. sry... but you asked.

You know.. its just the way it is. When i was "young" here. we all got constantly "roasted" by a guy called yandersen. I hated it. But it was the right thing to do from his side. He wasnt wrong.. yes it was the time of words like "monkey-design" and such... but it was constructive.
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Fri Jan 15 2016, 11:44PM
Registered Member #54278
Joined: Sat Jan 17 2015, 04:42AM
Location: Amite, La.
Posts: 285
Whatever you say, Sir!
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Tue Jan 19 2016, 10:42PM
Joined: Thu Mar 22 2007, 07:40PM
Location: Northern Finland, Rovaniemi
Posts: 623
DerAlbi and Signification

It is true that this thread could have been started with more information but what happened later is just sad to look at. None of us are not here to be "roasted" in any way, shape or form.

Both of you are under my watch from now on. Take this as warning and advice.

This thread has served its purpose. You can PM me if you have something to say.
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