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cheap geiger counters?

Author Post
Fri Sep 28 2012, 01:14AM Print View
Registered Member #2063
Joined: Sat Apr 04 2009, 03:16PM
Location: Toronto
Posts: 352
just made a TL494 flyback driver, suprising it works better on a lower duty cycle
then I connected the output of the flyback to a thermionic diode and i can see the glass wall of the tube glow blueish
does that mean the glass is absorbing some of the x-rays?

whats the cheapest geiger counter for sale?
i've looked on ebay and the cheapest ones are 150$
are there cheaper ways to get a geiger counter that can detect x-rays?
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Fri Sep 28 2012, 02:45AM
Registered Member #1438
Joined: Sat Apr 12 2008, 12:57AM
Location: Canada
Posts: 216
Geiger counters are not too reliable at detecting the true amount of radiation being outputted by an x-ray tube or any tube creating high amounts of ionizing radiation; due to the fact that Geiger tubes need to be quenched which produces a dead time.

As for buying cheap geiger counters, the cheapest are usually low end geiger counters like a Kvarts DRSB-88 which costs about $29-39 USD. If you want a geiger counter with a digital readout, I recommend making yourself an arduino geiger counter using cheap SBM-20 tubes. Purchasing a geiger counter with digital readout usually costs upwards of $100USD.

You should preferably either buy a geiger tube which has the shortest dead time (fastest quenching) or an ionization chamber.
With these things said though, you always have adequate shielding such lead when playing around with tubes and high voltage.
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Fri Sep 28 2012, 09:39AM
Registered Member #96
Joined: Thu Feb 09 2006, 05:37PM
Location: Republic of Guernsey
Posts: 3803
Tried to send a reply and my internet went Strange Loop.

I'd use a cheap Geiger tube with a pair of magnets axial to the tube, a good source is defunct Zip drives.
Another trick is to get a surplus B/W B&Q camera with the 6 IR LEDs and then gut it, add a pyrolytic filter and then lightproof it.
Good for several months if properly sealed and dried
I also added a variable clock to mine, so it can be switched between normal visualiser and high sensitivity.

Interestingly enough alphas get through the graphite that it looks like a snowstorm on the sensor with a typical piece of thorium weldng rod or Am241 source.
Haven't had a chance to use my radium clock, as the sensor failed due to moisture eating the bond wires

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Fri Sep 28 2012, 02:20PM
Registered Member #1438
Joined: Sat Apr 12 2008, 12:57AM
Location: Canada
Posts: 216
Conundrum wrote ...

Interestingly enough alphas get through the graphite that it looks like a snowstorm on the sensor with a typical piece of thorium weldng rod or Am241 source.

There's actually a pretty good example of that effect here

The americium snowstorm starts at 3:04
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